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Find Your Experience.
About us at Veari Tea.

Experience the best of wellness and self-care with Veari Tea. Our premium selection of teas is designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your mind, body and soul.

  • Veari Tea is a new and unique retail brand that provides an attainable healthy lifestyle experience for our customers.

We carry diverse lineup of products that promote health and well-being from that inside out.

Step into our boutique and be transported to a place of vitality and serenity.


A calming palette of soothing and relaxing colors combine with tan woods direct customer focus to the sensory journey offered by our great smell collection of high-end products. Paneling with organic inspired elements, coupled with an airy and clean aesthetic, add to the natural and serene ambiance of the store

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Yoga, essential oils, manuka honey, bath bombs ,candles, organic food, aromatherapy, natural textiles – many pathways lead to vitality, serenity, and a healthy lifestyle. The rapid growth of this category in the retail landscape indicates a strong consumer desire for it. Vearitea targets this growing demographic with a balanced mixture of products that address the spiritual, nutritional and physical aspects of healthy living.


Our daily lives are non-stop and hectic. It’s time to stop and relax. Vearitea’s unique store has full sense experience features products that indulge all five senses, revitalizing, relaxing,and transporting you to another place. After this indulgent sensory experience, leave feeling healthier, recharged, and ready to embark on the next step in your heathy living journey

"Tea is a cup of life."


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